New Rules

With the introduction of the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014, the repeal of the longstanding Rules of the various law societies and the replacement thereof by the Code of Conduct for All Legal Practitioners as set out in Government Gazette No. 42364 (the "Rules"), the conduct expected of Attorneys, and in particular, the conduct in relation to the advertising of law firms has been updated for a modern society and made uniform across the provinces.

Of significant and particular note, the Rules refer to the use of digital and social media marketing, which has previously remained largely unspecified in the various regulating bodies literature.

Law Council and the Ethics, Guidance and Rules Committee

We have been in contact with the Ethics, Guidance and Rules Committee of the former law societies to ensure that all advertising and marketing practices are in strict compliance with the Rules.

In addition, we have approached the Legal Practice Council on the validity of the use of Social Media as a marketing and advertising platform and our acting on behalf of firms for such purpose.  

Created by Attorneys for Attorneys, we fall under the jurisdiction of the Legal Practice Council and are accordingly obliged to act in the interest of the profession while being held accountable thereto.

It is therefore our commitment to provide a service that is not only a reflection of our clients but also of the profession itself.