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Why Attorneys Need to Advertise?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

It's a new dawn it's a new day. We have to adapt just like everyone else.

We set out six simple reasons why you should be advertising:

1. There are 12 373 registered law firms in South Africa.

This number is staggering and continually growing. Our universities send out 6 000+ law graduates into the world each year and attorneys are admitted countrywide each day.

The dilemma this sets out for the majority of firms is how do we stand out now, and most importantly, how do we stand out in the future?

2. There are 1 000+ Google searches for the phrase "Attorney near me" every day.

This statistic is limited to Johannesburg and surrounding areas alone which means that if you are practicing as an Attorney in Johannesburg, do not have a SEO optimised website, do not advertise on Google, and have not selected the correct keywords, you are missing out on 1 000 leads per day.

3. It is a digital world.

Lawyers have never had to worry about having their offices in high visibility areas because foot traffic has never been necessary for business. Clients were not converted through walk in traffic but through word of mouth and/or personal connections.

The internet has changed this, people are online and want to find their information online. Your website is your shopfront and it is the difference between you landing a new client and them passing you by.

4. Your competitors are doing it.

Michael De Broglio became a household name by being the first to run a television commercial. Now your competitors are doing likewise and are finding success.

The important thing about advertising is that it is about building brand awareness over time. The longer you do not advertise, the longer it will take to find success with it.

5. You are allowed to.

The rules set out by the governing bodies as well as general sentiment in the profession has changed significantly over the years. We were taught in university, in no uncertain terms, that television commercials, radio commercials, and billboards were no place for a law firm.

Times have changed. Rules have changed. Sentiment has changed. Now it is not uncommon to drive past a firm's billboard on the N1 while listening to their commercial on the radio.

6. Corona Virus

A community once adverse to technology and slow to change has been thrown into advancing leaps and bounds overnight. Meetings once held in chambers will be over Zoom and cases once held in open court will be over Skype.

With people being less likely to venture out into the world and looking for solutions online, not having an online presence is the death toll of any firm.

How To Advertise Properly With One

Our company is comprised of admitted attorneys and marketers, merging both legal and creative minds into the first advertising agency for attorneys in South Africa.

We understand that growth in wills & estates means potential growth in conveyancing while also understanding that Arial is not an acceptable font for your logo.

As we represent a number of law firms across a varied range of services we have the experience which tells us what works and what doesn't.

So if you are looking to grow today, send us an email on or call us directly on 0822103673 as we are working out of office.

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